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How to create a bug catcher

Bugs are fascinating at almost any age. Instead of buying an expensive bug catcher, why not create your own from items around your house?

Bug catcher

My daughter is an outdoor enthusiast. She loves anything and everything in nature. It is common to find bits of shells, leaf parts, sticks and rocks in her pockets when doing her laundry. Recently, she has become fascinated with bugs. We read books about bugs, write stories about bugs and draw pictures of bugs. She has been asking for a bug catcher for a while, but instead of buying one we took a few items we already had around the house and made this very functional upcycled berry container bug catcher.


  • Empty plastic berry container
  • Scissors
  • 3- by 5-inch card
  • Markers
  • Duct tape
  • Imagination



Wash a plastic berry container

Any berry will do — we used an empty strawberry container because we liked the size and shape, and we happened to have one already! These containers are perfect for housing bug friends as they already have breathing holes built in. The clear plastic also makes it easy to see the creepy crawlers you catch!


Create a door

Cut a three-sided opening in the top of the container for the door. It needs to measure just smaller than the 3- by 5-inch card.

Create a door

We cut where the label was so it would be covered up in the end.


Decorate the door

Have your little helper decorate the plain side of the 3- by 5-inch card.



Tape the 3- by 5-inch card to the door

Make sure the card is secure by taping the ‘hinge’ side as well. We added a small tab on the edge to make opening and closing the door easy.

Make hinge


Seal the edges

Seal all of the edges of the container with duct tape.



Get outside and explore!

Don’t have a berry container? Any clear bottle or container can serve as a great bug catcher! Empty juice bottles are great. Just lay the bottle on its side and cut a door in the top!

Add grass

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Photo credits: Toni Bowers

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