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Moms share: My family’s best spring break vacation

Teen travel planner

Caryn Payzant family - Spring breakCaryn Payzant let her daughter plan the perfect trip:

The best spring trip our family ever took was to Walt Disney World in 1998. We are from Southern California and have Disneyland in our backyard, but the kids had always dreamed of going to the big Disney World. We let them know the Christmas before the spring break that this was our destination so that they had plenty of time to prepare and get excited.

Going to Florida was fun in and of itself, but what made the trip extra special was that we let our then 13-year-old daughter plan the entire trip. My husband and I arranged the flights and hotel and the rest was up to her. She did all the research, which was pretty involved back then since there was no internet to speak of. She planned our itinerary for the eight days we were gone, complete with park hopper information, meal locations, time out for sightseeing other than on a Disney property, souvenir hunting, and down-time activities back at the condo.

What a relief for me and my husband to not have to worry about making sure we were seeing everything we needed to see and do. And since she was a young teen, she was in touch with all the things she and her younger siblings were particularly interested in. She stayed within budget, we saw and did cool stuff, her self-esteem was sky high because she was the travel agent, and no one complained. The result — the best trip ever.

What was your favorite spring break trip? Share with us in the comments.

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