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Baby names for foodies are a sweet treat

What separates a foodie from a person who likes to eat? It may all come down to the name that you give your baby.

All jokes aside, foodie trends are buzzing through all the major cities in the U.S., and as a result, foodie baby names have become kind of a big deal. And of course, we may have hit shows like Top Chef and Hell’s Kitchen that brought talented chefs and new techniques into our living rooms (along with the return of offal and the high-tech world of molecular gastronomy) to thank.

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As you search for the perfect baby name for your little one, pick through these sweet and savory baby names inspired by the world of cookery. We’ve taken a look at everything from famous chefs to delicious ingredients to find you the freshest baby names of the season.

Baby names inspired by top chefs

The biggest names in cuisine also have some of the biggest personalities. Give your little one a namesake known for creativity and amazing talent. These 28 celebrity chefs bring great food and major charisma to the table.

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