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Mess-free Easter egg dyeing tricks for parents

Easter egg dyeing is all kinds of adorable, until you realize what a mess it can make when kids get involved. This year, you can avoid the purple and green-stained fingers on Easter Sunday by using our helpful egg-dyeing hacks to keep things clean.

Try these tricks to have a mess-free Easter egg dyeing session. Well, as mess-free as it can be!

Scrambled Easter eggs

Egg in a whisk
Image: Katie Kavulla/SheKnows

Any mom who’s dyed Easter eggs with her kids knows that it’s next to impossible to keep her hands (or her kids hands for that matter) completely dye-free. The most we can hope for is to minimize the mess and that starts with strategies to keep their hands out of the dye altogether!

It seems that things usually start out well — typically, boxes of Easter egg dye also include those not-so-helpful metal egg holders that your kids think are great… until they try to balance an egg on one! This year, toss those worthless contraptions from the get-go and grab your whisks from the kitchen instead. Metal whisks work best, as they won’t pick up the dye, like plastic whisks will, but nonetheless, a hardboiled egg will fit perfectly inside of most whisks, then your kids can dip and dye without needing to dunk their precious little fingers into the dye!

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Removing the eggs from the whisk may take some tricky finger work — throw on a pair of rubber kitchen gloves to assist and your fingers will stay dye-free too.

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