Baby names for your future football star

If you have visions of your baby boy being a football stud (watch out, Peyton and Eli Manning!), then you will love our football-inspired baby names. From cool names from NFL stars to boy names we think would look pretty darn good on the back of a football jersey, get ready to score a touchdown with our sporty baby names.

Football baby

We have our fantasy football list of baby names together! Who made the team?

How to find a cool football-inspired baby name

Some of our favorite players are not only amazing on the field, but they often have a cool name that catches our attention. For example, Robert Lee Griffin III sounds like pretty cool name, but his nickname of RG3 is awesome. For you own great nickname, consider naming your child initial names, such as J.J. or T.J., or you can pass down a name and give him a II or III title.

Whether you are a fan of Tim Tebow or not, it is hard to deny that his name catches your attention because his first and last name start with the same letter. Use our advanced baby name search to look for names by a starting letter.

You can also consider virtue names which describe a characteristic, such as NFL player Champ Bailey. Names like Lucky or Ace are also good options.

If you have a long last name, such as Ben Roethlisberger, a short first name is a good choice to help even out the name.

Names that would look good on a football jersey

Need some inspiration? The following baby names are for those parents who want a name that sounds unique both on and off the field. We guarantee that these rockin’ names will look great on the back of a football jersey. Ready, set… hut!

All-American sports stars

If you are more a fan of the All-American sports star names, such as Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, perhaps these cool, classic names will be the perfect match for you.

Perhaps the names of actual NFL superstars will help inspire you baby name choice?

Boy names with football-inspired meanings

You can also find a sporty boy name by searching for names with football-inspired meanings. Here are some of our favorite picks of names that mean strong, fast or quick:
  • Bo: Hebrew name meaning strong and fast
  • Celonio: Latin name meaning fast
  • Gati: Hindi name meaning speed, fast
  • Gatik: Hindi name meaning speed, fast
  • Felix: Spanish name meaning lucky

Still haven’t found the perfect football-inspired boy name? Perhaps our list of tough baby names will be just what you are searching for >>

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