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Lovely baby names

Are you looking for a lovely baby name for your baby girl or baby boy? We have rounded up our picks of the prettiest baby names, such as Eloise, and cool baby boy names, such as Oliver, that you are sure to hold close to your heart.

Lovely baby

Finding the perfect baby name for your baby girl or baby boy is an emotional decision. Many parents are looking for names that are unique, yet not too weird or out there — which is why these lovely baby names are the perfect pick.

Oldies but goodies

One great way to find a lovely baby name is to consider oldies but goodies. Look at your family tree or ask you grandmother about family names from the past that you could pass down to your child. We also love the following baby girl names:

For boys, we love these cool, classic names:

Freshly picked names from nature

Let the beauty of nature inspire you when naming your baby! From floral names to animal names and even cool constellation names, here are some of top picks for girls:

Here are our top picks for boys:

The trendiest baby names

For those trendsetting parents who want the hottest baby name on the playground, this list is for you! India is one of the trendiest baby names of the year. This lovely baby name is a favorite of celebrity moms including Sarah McLachlan, Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman and Thor star Chris Hemsworth.
For boys, Camden is one of the hottest names, with both Kristin Cavallari and Vanessa Lachey choosing this cool name.

Destination names are another trendy choice and they all have a lovely ring to them. Reese Witherspoon named her son Tennessee; while Girls star Jemima Kirke named her son Memphis. Shakira got in on the trend when she named her son Milan, as did Alicia Keys when she named her son Egypt. Brooklyn is another trendy name that would great for both boys and girls. You can also consider romantic destinations such as Paris, London or Rome.

Beautiful exotic names

For a worldly flair, you should consider an exotic and beautiful sounding baby name. You can search for names by origin — or consider some of our top picks:

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