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The world is your classroom

One of the great advantages to homeschooling is the many opportunities available to experience active hands-on learning through field trips. Field trips are a fun, positive way for us to instill a love and lifestyle of learning in our children.

Field Trip - Fire Training Center

A homeschool field trip should include socialization, education and life experiences all wrapped into one.

Field Trip - Louisana Children's Museum

Field trips will increase knowledge and hopefully supplement your child’s curriculum. It has been proven that children not only learn more but retain more through hands-on experiences. You can make your field trips more effective by coordinating lessons plans, adding a scavenger hunt, discussion or having your child journal the experience.

Things to consider when planning a field trip

  • Choose field trip activities that are affordable for your entire group.
  • Outline the educational purpose of your trip.
  • Check on restrictions such as age, clothing, strollers, food, etc.
  • Ask yourself:
    • How will this trip enhance your curriculum?
    • What will the students do on the trip?
    • What will they learn?

Fun field trip ideas

Field Trip - Horse Stables

  • Head to the museum. This is the obvious choice for a field trip but be sure to check all local museums. Smaller, often forgotten city museums can turn out to be the best field trips.
  • Visit a farm. Many farms offer seasonal activities, such as fruit picking and baby animal feeding! Find a farm at
  • Learn about science at a greenhouse. Many greenhouses will put together a science lesson and allow students to plant their own flower or seeds.
  • Visit the planetarium. This is our field trip for the month!
  • Head to Whole Foods for a free walking tour or call to see if your local grocer will host a tour.
  • Go behind the scenes. Take a tour of your local post office or newspaper factory.
  • Check your area for visiting educational programs such as
  • Visit a National Park. Find your state’s parks at or take an online electronic field trip.
  • Enjoy nature activities for the whole family. Get ideas from
  • Visit your local bakery. Some bakeries will allow children to decorate their own mini cake or cupcake!
  • Try a learning “service” opportunity such as Habitat for Humanity, serving in a soup kitchen or reading books to the elderly.
  • Visit your pet store! Petco offers a Fur, Feathers & Fins guided tour along with online or in-store curriculum that leads children in discussion through six unique lessons.
  • Ask about special homeschool days. If you live in an area with an amusement park, contact them to learn about field trips or homeschool days. Disney World offers a fantastic educational program called Disney Homeschool Days.
  • Learn about your community through its people… set up a short Q&A with local craftsmen, grandparents, store owners etc.
  • Attend a concert or visit your local orchestra.
  • Take a photo walk with your blooming photographers.
  • Visit your local pizza place for a scheduled tour and pizza making.

Good planning and organization will ensure a fun and successful trip. The world is your classroom! Get creative, fill the year with discoveries and make memories with your children on their next field trip!

Image credit: Tiany Davis

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