Homeschooling your struggling learner

Feb 13, 2013 at 3:00 p.m. ET

More and more families are turning to home education to meet the special needs of their struggling learner. Homeschooling a struggling student can be challenging, leaving you wondering if you are capable of giving your child a proper education at home.

Homeschooling mom with daughter

You are not alone, and you can successfully homeschool your struggling learner. Many are finding that parents could very well be the best teachers for a child that is struggling to learn or has special needs. Who knows your child better than you?

You can offer your child a safe, loving environment with the benefit of one-on-one schooling. You can create a customized curriculum to meet the specific needs of your child. You will have the flexibility to alter and make changes to curriculum when necessary.

Do your homework

Do your research! Study your child's learning style, their struggles and/or special needs. The most natural learning environment for your child will be the best learning environment. The more informed and educated you are, the more confident you will be in your ability to meet the needs of your child.

Research curriculum and the many options available to find a good fit for your child. Some curriculum is more hands-on and/or visual such as Handwriting Without Tears, Math-U-See and Time4Learning. Work to minimize stress in the areas that your child is struggling; feed and nurture the areas in which they are gifted. This could mean different grade levels or curriculum for different subjects; this is the beauty and flexibility of homeschooling!

Find support

You will need a solid support system to get through the homeschool journey with your child. Form a small group of fellow moms of struggling learners, hire a tutor, join a home-school co-op, or find an online support group. It will be helpful to have the support of homeschool moms that have walked in your shoes and can offer sound advice.

Online resources and other help

There is an abundance of online resources, supplementary materials and programs available to assist you on the road to home educating your child.

Deciding to homeschool a struggling learner or a child with special needs can be extremely difficult. However, many families have proven that it can be done. You can successfully teach your struggling learner at home with the proper tools, resources, patience and support.

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