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Growing up glamorous: Your daughter’s first pair of heels

She’s been begging you for a pair since she was old enough to dig through your closet, pull out your shiniest pair of stilettos and toddle around the house in them and now, it’s finally time. Make buying your daughter her first pair of heels a special, memorable event in her life. Try these suggestions for options for her first pair that are still young and will keep her feet safe.

Make it a date

Whether your daughter needs her first pair of heels for her flower girl debut, for the upcoming father-daughter dance at school, or just because you think she’s ready, take the time to make it a special occasion, rather than just another item you add to your next online shopping order. Plan an outing around the shopping experience — have her wear her prettiest dress (after all, trying on heels with pants is practically pointless!), take her to lunch before you go and pick a store that will help you find the perfect pair!

Try a wedge

First heels - Wedges

We all know that sometimes, the secret to compromising with our kids is, well, tricking them. When you’re shopping for your daughter’s first pair of heels, a wedge is the best way to go. Your daughter will think that she’s getting a grown-up pair of heels that will boost her inches into the sky (and that much closer to being a teenager!) and you’ll know that a wedge actually offers more support than a typical heel, keeping her feet nearly as safe as if she was wearing those stinky old tennis shoes that she wears. The Posey Dress Shoe (Nordstrom, $50) is a terrific choice.

Strappy, but supportive

First Heels - Strappy

For your daughter, a pair of heels isn’t a pair of heels unless it is strappy. Little does she know, those tiny delicate straps on heels may look pretty, but they dig into your feet like crazy! Give her a lesson in Fashion vs. Comfort 101 and introduce her to some heels that have wider straps that will be less likely to cause aches and pains at the end of the day. Start with the Nina Maddie Dress Shoe (DSW, $20), which can also easily be tightened at the ankle to create the best fit possible.

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Stop slippage

First Heels - Peep-toe

She wants a pair of heels. You know that even though she’s wearing heels that make her think she’s old enough to be Taylor Swift’s BFF, she’s still going to run around with her little brother and sister like usual! For girls who need a pair of heels that won’t restrict their active lifestyles, pick a pair that has a strap across the top of the foot to keep them safely on, no matter how many times she goes across the monkey bars! The Steve Madden Babyy Peep Toe (Nordstrom, $50) lets her have the best of both worlds.

Keep it wide

First Heels - Wide

To help prevent tumbles and trips, peek at the heel of the shoes before you give them the OK. Her first pair should have a nice, wide heel that spans the width of her heel, keeping her stable as she walks. Having a wider heel, rather than a pointed one, will also make her first pair of heels longer-wearing, letting her dance the night away or play until the sun goes down. This colorful pair by Kenneth Cole Reaction Kids (, $49) is both fun and practical.

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