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Iconic celebrity baby names

Are you looking for a baby name inspired by a Hollywood star? We scoured celebrity history for the best celebrity baby names for boys and girls, from classic to contemporary.

Celebrity baby names

Check out our list of iconic celebrity baby names for your shining star to be.

Parents always have big dreams for their little ones. Whether you’re nostalgic for the glamour of Old Hollywood or you admire the talent of today’s stars, look for a celebrity baby name that inspires greatness. We’ve searched for the best names from the biggest stars of the silver screen to bring you baby names fit for greatness. Celebrity baby names for boys and celebrity baby names for girls are some of the best names out there. These names call to mind amazing moments on film and big personalities that shaped Hollywood history.

Classic Hollywood boy names

From villains to heroes, classic Hollywood actors brought dreams to the big screen. These austere, classic baby boy names have a legacy of talent. Name your baby boy after award-winning men who gave us some of the most memorable moments of film.

Classic Hollywood girl names

Names like Audrey and Bette will immediately bring to mind the amazing women who changed the face of Hollywood. Evoke the confidence of swooning heroines and strong women with these classic baby girl names inspired by the most famous actresses in the world.

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Current celebrity boy names

Is your baby boy a future superstar? These baby boy names come from men who grace the biggest blockbuster action films and the most award-winning films of our time. Name your baby after a modern male celebrity.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Matt Damon

Morgan Freeman

Ralph Fiennes

Ryan Gosling

Sean Penn

Terrence Howard

Viggo Mortensen

Will Smith

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Current celebrity girl names

You don’t have to say anything more than Angelina or Charlize for someone to know exactly who you’re talking about. These women bring to life beautiful and imaginative roles on screen and capture the world’s imagination and attention as fashion icons.

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