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Not now, Mommy’s pole dancing

You may not be a stripper mom — not that there’s anything wrong with that — but you may enjoy the sexy pole fitness craze. These sexy workouts are all the rage, but should you tell your kids that you’re burning calories on the pole?

Pole dancing mom

Jené L. is a mom who loves pole dancing workouts. “I enjoy this because it’s different every day, challenging and fun, but also a total body workout,” she says.

Jené’s daughter is only 3, so too young to ask questions about her mom’s sexy exercise routine. So, what about moms of kids who are old enough to ask what she’s doing spinning around a stripper pole?

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A pole in Mommy’s bedroom

Sherry K. says, “I’m a 42-year-old mother of three — ages 13, 10 and 8. They all know I have a pole in my room and play on it frequently. They see me practicing and some of the videos I’ve recorded, mostly artistic and acrobatic in nature.

It’s all good clean fun. As far as the sensual part of it — well that stays behind closed doors. The art of pole has been very empowering. It keeps me young, keeps me in shape and builds my confidence. It is my escape and it’s like therapy to me. My kids are amazed at what I’m able to do on the pole at my age!”

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Is telling your kids about pole dancing too much?

“I think sharing the fact that you’re choosing a sexy or sensual exercise is fine as long as you also share the why — ‘this makes me feel strong and feel good about myself,’ for example, is a way to explain your choices. Just don’t be surprised if they make similar choices as they get older,” says personal fitness trainer and mother of three, Malik Turley of Hip Circle Studio.

Sherry not only pole dances in her bedroom, she’s blatantly honest about the history of pole dancing — yes, in strip clubs! She explains, “I tell it like it is. I explained where it originated from, but I also explained that this art has evolved into something greater than that! I’ve shared videos of some of the pro pole competitors to show them that it’s just like any other gymnastics apparatus and that it takes great strength and discipline to execute those tricks.”

A (pole) fit mom is good for the family

Sherry loves the results she gets from pole dancing, and so does her husband, who thinks she looks even sexier than when they met 16 years ago.

Even Grandma thinks it’s cool. “My mother knows I have one and she thinks it’s amazing what I can do on it,” Sherry says.

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