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From soccer mom to hot mom

Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you can’t be a siren! We’re not suggesting you bust out the mini skirts on the school run, but there’s no need to hide your hot self behind frumpy mom clothes!

Sexy mom

Rock your inner goddess (without looking like a sex pot) this year with tips from these real moms who know how to get their MILF on in unexpected ways.

Hair and makeup

While Christine, a working mom of two young kids from Phoenix, vows she’ll never again take for granted the luxury of a shower, she has a few hot-mom tips in her repertoire. She says, “Getting my hair highlighted and cut is a must. I feel like a new woman every time I get my hair done. I also love to put my makeup on, but if I am in a rush, I skip the eyeshadow and eyeliner. Under eye concealer — a.k.a. the lifesaver — a little bit of foundation, blush and mascara make me feel like I have made an effort.”

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She adds, “Now onto dressing — rock some jeans or pants that make me feel skinny and finish it off with jewelry.”

If you need a change from your current mom style, consider a new hairstyle that is versatile enough to be sexy yet realistically easy to style for everyday looks.

A power pantsuit

Becky, a mom of three, admits she spends most of her time in typical mom gear — jeans and a hoodie.

But when she wants to rock her inner goddess, the writer, editor and speaker gains confidence by ?getting dressed up in her work clothes.

She says, “I find the best of both worlds when I have on a suit and my Ergo baby ?carrier with one of my babies in it, like when I am speaking (baby often ?comes with me!) or at a conference.”

Whether or not you have a big meeting, throw your old work clothes on for fun and discover how they make you feel.

Sexy underthings

It all starts with what’s underneath, right? It does according to Michelle, a mom of three boys in Raleigh. She admits, “It is very easy to get caught up ?in being a mom and just being happy with a baseball hat, yoga pants and a tee.”

Michelle says, “Even though you don’t need to dress up to be beautiful, it does make us feel more confident. I know that my hubby thinks it’s sexy when I wear a skirt and sexy undergarments.”

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She adds, “It’s OK to let it loose. It doesn’t mean you are a bad mom — it keeps the fire going!”

If it’s been awhile since you’ve rocked some sexy underthings, break out the lacy undies and bra you normally save for a special occasion.

If the shoe fits

Tova - Sky-high heels

On a personal quest to find her “muchness,” Tova, mom of two toddlers, discovered that she could “harness my inner goddess by wearing ridiculous, colorful and sexy (yet surprisingly comfortable) 7-inch platforms and head out pushing a stroller.”

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She counteracts her whimsical wear (which often includes sequins) by keeping her hair and makeup really natural and down to earth.

Tova adds, “I just love that people smile and become cheerful around me when I wear cheerful clothes that are unexpected for a mom of two toddlers. That makes me feel like a goddess.”

Don’t think you can rock 7-inch platforms on the school run? Start a bit more subtly with a pair of brightly-colored rain boots or cute kitten heels… and work your way up.

Running gear

Managing the schedules of three kids under the age of six is a full-time job for mom Kristi in Paradise Valley, Arizona. But she finds that “running out the door for a good jog in my shorts, running shoes and hat with my headphones on is the best thing that gives me a rush.”

And the feeling doesn’t end there. Kristi adds, “I come back with my head definitely held higher and feel great for the rest of the day.”

Want to feel that workout rush? Take a new workout program one step at a time. Start with a fast-paced walk around the neighborhood and work your way to a jog, or sign up for a yoga or ballet class in your area.

Pursuing a passion

Crystal, a mom of one in Orlando, found her inner goddess by rediscovering her passion for acting. She says, “I started taking baby steps (acting classes, auditioning and meeting people), and it propelled me into a new hot mama phase in life.”

Much like Crystal, Pearson Perry, a working mom of two, reignited a passion and found herself.

She says, “Seven years ago I rekindled a love affair with music that I have had my whole?life. I took a break when I was in my 20s, but found the creative outlet as not only a route to sanity once my kids were born, but also a route to inner goddess. Writing a song is empowering, centering and creative. It keeps the twinkle in my eye.”

?Consider what personal passions you may have let slide to the backburner since you’ve become a mom. If you’re missing out on a hobby you once loved, take some time to rediscover it.

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