4 Musicals kids will love

Feb 7, 2013 at 4:00 p.m. ET

Not all touring musicals are appropriate for young kids. Discover four musicals now on tour that will captivate your little one on his first theater-going experience.

If your child can sit through a movie, she can sit through a musical. These four kid-friendly stage shows are great for introducing young children to live theater. Get all dressed up and have a special date with your child as you attend one of these hit Broadway musicals.

Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan

Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan

Centered around an athletic performance by former Olympic gymnast Cathy Rigby, this kid-friendly musical covers all of the familiar territory kids come to expect from the tale of Peter Pan. It’s hard to believe that lead Rigby is almost 60. She brings a youthful energy to the performance in this lively musical. Kids will love knowing how the story goes and won’t be too scared of the over the top, primarily silly Captain Hook. You can only catch Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan on tour, so keep an eye out for a stop near you to experience all of the magic and wonder.

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Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Beauty & the Beast

Kids who love the classic Disney animated film Beauty and the Beast will adore Disney’s Beauty and the Beast onstage. With the songs from the film and additional songs added to flesh out the musical, this is a colorful, exciting show that’s perfect for little ones. Whether you have a child who already loves the film or you want a creative way to introduce her to the story, this is a good choice for a first musical. For younger children, this is the most appropriate of the four, but keep in mind that it’s a love story. If your child isn’t into tales of love, she may not keep up.

Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot

Based on the hit film Billy Elliot, this Tony Award-winning musical features stunning music by Elton John. While it involves a little profanity and issues of bigotry and violence, it’s appropriate for kids with parental supervision. If you’re concerned about the content, try viewing the movie first. This musical is an amazing experience for kids and teens who feel marginalized in any way. Billy Elliot is led by a talented young dancer and gives any kid an amazing role model to look up to when it comes to dedication and commitment to identity. Bring tissues when you bring your child to this powerhouse musical.

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The Addams Family

The Addams Family

If you loved any previous version of The Addams Family, you’ll love this highly energetic musical that features an all new story centered around Wednesday Addams. When Wednesday’s new “normal” boyfriend visits for dinner, it gives the audience a chance to experience the strange Addams Family. The all new touring production brings this award-winning Broadway musical to audiences around the U.S. The current tour of The Addams Family features the original Broadway Wednesday Addams, and the entire cast brings a dose of Broadway talent and glamour to local performing arts centers. Bring kids who are resistant to musical theater but love comedy.

Image credit: Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan:  Isaac James Creative; Beauty and the Beast: Joan Marcus; Billy Elliot: Doug Blemker; The Addams Family: Jeremy Daniel

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