A letter from the Tooth Fairy

This is a true story about the most ridiculous and adorable move a person has ever made on behalf of parents, the Tooth Fairy and pleading children.

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Autumn's letter

Autumn’s letter to the Tooth Fairy.
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Once upon a time, there was a 9-year-old named Autumn who had long hair that tangled easily. Since she was 9, she didn’t want to brush it religiously but she also didn’t want short hair. Every morning her mother would work her way through the rat’s nest created during the previous day and night. Every morning Autumn would yelp and wail at the pain. Finally, overcome by the situation, Autumn’s mom said it was time for a haircut.

Who hasn’t been there? Nearly every woman has been in that exact situation, either as mom or a daughter. All the detangling spray in the world couldn’t get out the tangles from a hard day’s play. And, who has time to brush their hair when there’s iCarly to watch and Barbie houses to rearrange? Distraught over her impending loss of hair, Autumn sought help from the only person she could think of: The Tooth Fairy.

This has to be handled just right. Nine is a tricky age when kids begin to see the truth behind “magic.” You don’t want to squelch a child’s wonder, but you also have to teach your kid there are consequences for their (in)actions.

Enter Guy Without Kids, a friend of Autumn’s parents. When he heard about Autumn’s attempt to beg a miracle from the Tooth Fairy, he decided she deserved a response. He was aiming for a letter of “credit denial.” What he wrote was a pretty creative peace negotiation.

Tooth Fairy Letter

This guy could teach the Parental Peace Negotiations 101 class. In this instance, Autumn wasn’t denied the existence of fairies (just in case she still believes) nor did they give in to her plea. If she wants to keep her hair long, she’s going to have to learn to take care of it then reapply to the Tooth Fairy.

It’s kind of genius. It’s very adorable. And, even though he didn’t mean for it to be, it’s a reminder not to take away your kid’s wonder when you’re on the verge of losing patience.

Well played, Guy Without Kids.

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Autumn’s letter courtesy of her mother.


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