DIY Super Bowl cupcake holders

Jan 30, 2013 at 12:00 p.m. ET

These DIY cupcake wrappers take minutes to make, but make a major impact on your Super Bowl spread!

Whether you make them before company arrives, or use this as a craft to keep the kids entertained during the big game, DIY cupcake wrappers are a great personalized touch on a table filled with snack foods. Grab your kids and a few supplies and get ready for some football!

Huddle: What you’ll need

Cupcake wrapper supplies

All you need for DIY cupcake wrappers are scrapbook paper or cardstock, your cupcake wrapper template, scissors, glue dots and cupcakes. To carry out your Super Bowl Sunday theme, look for green, brown or yellow cardstock that you can decorate with football-themed embellishments like mini helmets, footballs or even the logo of your favorite team. You can also create patterns and colors using digital scrapbook paper. These time-saving wrappers were pre-designed in Photoshop using digital scrapbook pages and layered digital embellishments, then printed.

10 yard line: Cut and prep

Football cupcake wrappers

First, print your cupcake wrapper template on cardstock so it will still keep its shape after multiple uses. Then, trace the template onto your scrapbook paper and cut out the wrapper. This template has both scalloped and straight edges, but you can always change the edges using scrapbooking scissors with shaped blades. Because cupcake sizes and heights can vary, try on a few wrappers before you start gluing them all. If you find that the wrappers are too big for the cupcakes, you can always trim accordingly. Just make sure you trim the paper wrappers along the bottom, not on the top.

Touchdown! Wrap and serve

Football cupcake wrappers

If you're making homemade cupcakes, consider wrapping all of your cupcakes in the football-themed liners before you pipe the frosting on top. If you place the frosting on last, you'll have better odds of keeping the frosting intact and off your fingers. Once you've placed the wrapper around the cupcake, all you need is a little double-stick tape, or glue dots (Walmart, $4), along the back seam of the wrapper. One small glue dot will hold the wrapper together without slipping.

How kids can help

Football cupcake wrappers

The fun part about DIY cupcake wrappers is that your kids can get involved in just about every step of the process. From picking out the scrapbook paper to cutting the templates, even wrapping the cupcakes or gluing on the embellishments. Plus, it's a great DIY craft that you can set up at the kitchen table if you're looking for something to occupy the kids while the big game is on! Just keep your eye on the frosting because little fingers always seem to find their way into the frosting for a quick taste!

Image credit: Jennifer Chidester

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