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Fantasy-inspired baby names

Looking for a baby name that’s a little on the geeky side? Try baby boy names and baby girl names inspired by fantasy literature, movies and television.

Fantasy baby names

The key to giving your baby a name inspired by fantasy stories, mythology and literature is to avoid the pitfall of names that are so out there they seem totally made up. Before you slap a bunch of vowels and consonants together, check out our guide to fantasy baby names. From Azrael to Zeus, here are names that will get your imagination soaring.

Baby names inspired by mythology

If you want to give your baby a name that calls to mind wisdom and power, look no further than the names of the gods of mythology. But remember, the gods had complicated lives. They were the reality TV stars of ancient times. Before you choose a mythological name, make sure you’re certain you want to name your child after an infamous trickster or a goddess of lust.

Baby names inspired by fantasy literature

Whether you were a lit major or a big time reader, you may want to choose a baby name from the pages of your all-time favorite stories. These literature-inspired baby names remind us of grand adventures and tales of magic. From epic sorcerers to daring women, the characters who first wore these names are namesakes any kid would love.

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Baby names inspired by fantasy films, TV and games

Maybe you’re more into classic fantasy films than epic novels. These fantasy names from beloved entertainment call to mind battles, wizardry and adventure. Fantasy names are a little bit nerdy without being totally alienating. Just remember, by the time your little one grows up, the movies and games you loved may have been forgotten or worse, remade.

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Tips for choosing a fantasy name

When you’re choosing a fantasy name for your child, make sure people will know how to pronounce it. Try not to choose a name that’s spelled so obtusely that your child will spend the rest of his or her life patiently explaining how it’s spelled. Try pairing an unusual fantasy name with a classic middle name, or pair a popular first name with a fantasy middle name. In the end, be prepared for a kid who grows up preppy and uses a nickname so no one will know his parents were huge nerds.

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