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5 Friends every mom needs in her life

Positive friendships are a must-have in every woman’s life. Friends are there to help you through the tough times, as well as celebrate all life’s triumphs — big and small. This year, we encourage you to find these five important friends.

Five mom friends

The pre-baby friend

Having someone who knows you — the you before you became a mom — inside and out is a valuable treasure. She is the one you can turn to when you need to escape from The Mommyhood to talk career, love lives, the hot new guy at the coffee shop or anything but kids during an all-important happy hour excursion while Daddy has some bonding time with Baby.

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If it has been some time since you have touched base with your pre-baby friends, make an effort this year to reconnect. You are a valuable friend to her too, as you can give her all the real ins and outs of motherhood when the time comes for her.


The optimist

Every woman needs a friend in her life that she can call any time of day (or night) to spout off about work, the baby crying for three straight hours or the heel that broke off of her favorite pair of stilettos. This friend is always there to listen, lend you a shoulder to cry on and offer encouraging tidbits like, “It will be OK” and “This too shall pass.”

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The realist

While your half-glass-full friend is irreplaceable, sometimes you need a devil’s advocate. Enter the realist. This friend will listen to your problems, and then tell you to dry your tears, pull your big-girl panties up and get over it. She’s the friend who can snap you back into reality when you’re hosting a pity party for yourself by reminding you that it’s really not that bad.


The new mom friend

Whether you meet this woman at Lamaze class, Mommy and Me or the first day of your child’s school, a mom friend is a must-have. This friend can commiserate with you about sore nipples and sleepless nights, and understand the excitement and sadness when your “baby” loses his first tooth (and you realize he’s no longer a baby).

In the market for a mom friend? Scope out the room when you and your child go to social outings like the library story time, and sit next to an approachable woman with a child your child’s age. Strike up conversation at the neighborhood park or at the morning drop-off for preschool. Plan a play date so the kids can interact and you can get to know your new mom friend.

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The partner in crime

Every mom needs a friend to help her break out of her comfort zone every now and then. This friend will encourage you to try the sexy thigh-high boots you don’t think you could pull off or insists you apply for that amazing new job that just opened up in your company that you don’t think you could ever get.

The partner in crime never pushes you into something you don’t want to do but she does encourage you to do the things you never thought you could do. And she’s there to cheer you on when you succeed!

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