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Beautiful Native American baby names

If you’re seeking a Native American baby name for your boy or girl, look no further — we’ve collected some of the strongest and most lovely names for your little one. You might find a hidden gem among these names that you hadn’t thought of before.

Native American baby
Native Americans, or the indigenous peoples of the Americas, are comprised of many tribes and speak many different languages. Naming practices vary from tribe to tribe, but many Native American baby names come from nature, what was happening during the child’s birth or physical characteristics. Naming ceremonies can be elaborate, or they can be quiet and private.

Do you have Native American heritage, or do you love the way these names sound? Do they bring a feeling of peace or honor to you when you say them? Sit down with your partner and go over these names to see if any stand out to you.

Native American baby names

  • Amitola: This pretty baby name means “rainbow”
  • Aponi: A baby girl would love this name, which means “butterfly”
  • Bena: This name means “pheasant”
  • Catori: This unique baby name means “spirit”
  • Chayton: This strong baby name means “falcon”
  • Elan: This baby boy name means “tree”
  • Hassun: This name exudes strength — it means “stone”
  • Hinto: Do you love the color blue? For that is this name’s meaning
  • Isi: This would make a good first or middle name and it means “deer” in Choctaw
  • Kele: This super cute baby name means “sparrow”
  • Leyti: This pretty name means “shaped like an abalone shell”
  • Maiara: This baby name means “wise” in Tupi
  • Moema: Meaning “sweet,” this is a Tupi name
  • Naira: This baby name means “big eyes” in Quechua and Aymara
  • Nahuel: This strong baby name means “jaguar” in Mapuche
  • Nanuq: Other forms of this Inuktitut name, meaning “polar bear,” are Nanook and Nanuk
  • Nova: This lovely name means “new, young”
  • Quidel: This unique name means “burning torch” in Mapuche
  • Rayen: This name means “flower” in Mapuche
  • Sacnite: This pretty name means “white flower” in Mayan
  • Tamaya: A lovely name, this means “in the center” in Quechua
  • Winona: You might be familiar with this name, which means “firstborn daughter” in the Dakota language

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