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Get your mama workout on… inside your house!

It’s raining, it’s pouring, your workout’s getting boring! If you’re a mom who loves to exercise outside, the winter months can be torture.

Stay fit with indoor exercise
Mom after a workout

These indoor exercises that you can do in your own home, with little to no equipment, will help keep you in shape over the winter months.

See those stairs?

Get on them. Start by seeing how many times you can run up and back down them in a set amount of time — try five minutes, or even one minute to start. Then, try to beat your own best time the next day! Another strategy that will get you moving, but keep the boredom out of running up and down your stairs all morning long is to put yourself on a timer. If you have a day around the house planned, stay in your workout gear and set a timer to go off every 20 minutes (or whatever your chosen interval may be!). When that timer rings, run to the stairs in your house and do 10 sets of up and down climbs. Then, set that timer for 20 minutes again and do another set when it goes off… repeat all day long! Need more of a challenge? Start taking the stairs two at a time for an added boost to your workout.

Long hallways and lots of lunges

Woman doing lunges

Raise your hand if the exercise you dread most in life is lunges? Yeah, us too. But, we also know how great they are for our core and our, ahem, backside! For this indoor exercise, find the longest straight hallway in your house. Lunge all the way down it and back again, until you can’t stand lunging anymore. Since lunges are meant to be slow and steady, you’re going to need a new strategy to keep you moving. Challenge yourself to do a certain amount of lunges each day and make that goal lofty — can you do 50? One hundred? Can you lunge down that hallway every single time you use it? Remember to make sure your form is perfect when you’re lunging to protect your back and knees!

Ready, set, go!

Your kids are going to love this form of indoor exercise! Get your heart pumping by creating an indoor obstacle course… of sorts. Plan it out in your mind in advance, or even write it down and map it out, if you need to! Have a starting line, then race around to different parts of your house doing different exercises, bringing your kids right along with you as you go. Twenty jumping jacks in the laundry room! Ten push-ups in the master bedroom! As many crunches as you can do in one minute in the living room! A 30-second plank in the kitchen! Run from room to room to do each exercise and don’t forget to run up those stairs and lunge down those hallways as you go.

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Don’t forget…

A few tips to remember when working out inside your house:

  1. You still need to wear your best workout shoes. Just because you’re in your house, doesn’t mean your feet don’t need support.
  2. Hydrate! It’s easy to forget to drink water if you’re exercising somewhere new. Grab your favorite water tumbler and drink some pre- and post-workout water.
  3. Make sure your house is clutter-free before you start running around in it. Tripping over a toy train in the middle of the hallway is a great way to hurt yourself and stop your winter workouts for good.

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