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Cute dads on Valentine’s Day: Why we love them

As Valentine’s Day approaches, our thoughts turn toward love, and who better to honor than the other parent of our child? If you loved him before you had kids, seeing him parent your baby, toddler and child will likely turn your insides to mush and your knees to jelly as your heart swells in your chest. We salute all great dads with this stunning photo gallery and notes about why they are loved so much.

Spencer and Nayeli

Spencer, dad of Nayeli from Hawaii

Spencer and Nayeli

From Meredith: He’s still the hottest to me (swoon). I knew the second I met him that he could be wild and passionate and hilarious, but it wasn’t until I saw his tender, patient side with Nayeli that I really appreciated what a great man he is, through and through. He’ll wipe her butt, have tea parties with her and read her the same damned Dora book five times in a row… but then he’ll fire up the BBQ and grill some beast, chop a pile of firewood, or grab my buns when no one is looking. So glad this complex, sweet, sexy man knocked me up and is my love for all time.

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