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From Mac to Siri: Baby names for the tech obsessed

For those parents who are tech obsessed and must have the newest gadgets and electronics to hit the market, these baby names are just for you!

Baby on smartphone

Tech-obsessed tots unite! We have rounded up some seriously cool computer-inspired baby names for your baby boy or baby girl.

Some parents took the tech crazy to a whole new level when they named their son Hashtag (yes little Hashtag Jameson is for real!) or the Egyptian family who named their son Facebook. Now we aren’t suggesting you go that extreme! We have a great range of names ranging from the more unique to the more traditional that are great for your plugged-in family.

Computer geek names that are suddenly cool again

Nerd names rule! If you expect your baby boy or baby girl to have the next billion-dollar start-up (watch out Instagram!), they will need a computer geek name. Plus, these “geeky” names are suddenly cool again! For example, Kate Hudson gave her son the geeky name of Bingham, while Drew Barrymore named her daughter Olive.

Silicon Valley baby names

Silicon Valley is located in the San Francisco Bay area in Northern California and is a hot spot for technology and start-ups, with companies including Google, Yahoo!, Intel, Apple and eBay. Whether you live in Silicon Valley or hope to one day, the following names would fit right in to a tech-obsessed family.

  • Apple
    (Hey, Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter this, so you can, too!)
  • Atari
  • Samsung
  • Siri
  • Mac
  • Cloud

Gamer baby names

We have rounded up the coolest baby girl names and baby boy names from video games, including Mortal Kombat, The Legend of Zelda and even Super Mario Bros! These names are modern, fresh and perfect for your little gamer:

  • Zelda: The Legend of Zelda
  • Raiden: Mortal Kombat
  • Jade: Mortal Kombat II
  • Kairi: Kingdom Hearts
  • Dante: Devil May Cry
  • Niko: Grand Theft Auto IV
  • Lara: Tomb Raider
  • Kratos: God of War
  • Jak: Jak and Daxter
  • Sephiroth: Final Fantasy VII
  • Augustus: Gears of War
  • Peach: Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros.

Modern baby names

If you are looking for a baby name that is modern and forward thinking, you will love these buzzworthy baby names. Most of these names are unisex, with a futuristic sound to them perfect for your future trailblazer!

If you are having trouble picking the perfect name, you could follow Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer’s path and crowdsource her baby name by tweeting and asking for friends online to help her pick a name. She finally settled on the name Macallister Bogue.

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