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Batter up: Baseball baby names

Spring training is right around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to start thinking about all-American baseball names for your baby.

Baby wearing baseball uniform

Do you love baseball? Does the crack of the bat in the spring make your heart sing? Do you roam your local baseball stadium during the summer? Then these baby names are perfect for your little one. What better way to honor the sport you love than by naming your kiddo after a famous baseball player?

Baby boy names

Here are some of the most legendary baseball players that have played America’s favorite pastime. Inspiration can come from the player’s first name or the last.

Baby girl names

Don’t worry — there are female baseball players that can make great baby names, too. During World War II, due to players being called away to war, women played professional baseball through the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. Here are some of their names — many of which understandably have a classic feel to them as they come from decades ago, but are certainly excellent choices for modern parents as well.

Keep thinking

Don’t limit your search to old-time players or just the greatest and brightest players. The roster of your favorite MLB team, or throughout the minor leagues, may just be hiding the perfect gem of a baby name that you have been looking for. First names are an obvious choice, but many last names can be used as well, and some do well as girl names as well as boy names.

Not feeling any of these as a first name? Why not as a middle name? Hideo Nomo (a Japanese name) is certainly unique, and you might not pick it as a first name — but one or both would make a really cool middle name.

Keep your mind open and your eyes peeled as you take in games this spring and summer — you may just stumble across the name that’s meant for your baby.

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