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Actress Christie Lynn Smith welcomes a holiday baby

Just a few days before Christmas, actress Christie Lynn Smith and her husband, actor John Fortson, welcomed a second baby into their family. Smith and Fortson shared exclusive photos of their beautiful bundle of joy with SheKnows, along with some special details.

Christie Lynn Smith welcomes a baby

Welcome to the world, Joshua Taylor Fortson! Christie Lynn Smith and John Fortson had their second baby on December 22, 2012. The newest member of the Fortson family, weighing in at 7 pounds, 4 ounces and measuring 20 inches, joined big sister Abby just in time for Christmas.

Christie Lynn Smith and her newborn baby

SheKnows talked to Smith and Fortson, who also shared exclusive photos of their precious new baby. “He has beautiful blue eyes, a button nose and the sweetest lips and the softest brown hair,” Smith gushed. “I’m in love with this little guy. We are both doing great! And my husband and I are thrilled with our little one’s arrival.”

Naming baby

Christie Lynn Smith new baby

Everyone always wants to know how parents chose their baby’s name, so I of course had to ask! “Joshua was a name we always liked. Joshua seemed like a friend. Someone sweet, strong and fun,” Smith said. “We chose Taylor for the middle name based on the same qualities. And his initials will be J.T., which sounded like a little surfer to us.”

Dad John Fortson is a big surfer. Smith, who says she knows her kids will be surfers too, also surfs herself. “Our daughter Abby Ryder, who will be 5 in March, loves swimming and the ocean, and John already had her out on her first lesson. So look out for J.T. in the surf soon!”

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Smith’s birth experience

When I asked Smith about her birth experience, she said that she’d been having Braxton Hicks contractions since week 30, so she knew her body was ready to have Joshua for a while. “These last few weeks — they were getting much stronger and I felt I was going to have this baby early,” she shared.

Joshua’s due date was January 3, 2013, but, as Smith says, “Joshua had other plans!” Her water broke in the early, early morning hours of December 22 and later that day, her son was born.

“My contractions were painful, but my OB said, ‘Well, there is a reason they are called ‘labor pains.’ I think this second time around I was a little calmer and more focused and so I could embrace the experience a little more,” Smith shared. “The birth was amazing. I touched his head as he came out. I was excited to meet my son. It’s truly a miracle.”

John Fortson with new baby

Dad’s love

Dad John Fortson is already an amazing father to Abby Ryder, so having another baby was a dream come true. “John says he was in awe,” Smith told me. “He kept smiling at Joshua, staying by his side.” Fortson was present for the entire birth, holding Smith’s hand, encouraging her, cutting the umbilical cord and even helping to hand Joshua to Smith after the birth. “He’s in love again,” Smith said.

“Joshua’s a sweet little guy, a part of me has been passed along,” Fortson explained. “I feel love and responsibility. I feel fatherly.”

Siblings at last

Christie Lynn Smith's daughter and new baby

Big sister Abby is settling into her new role nicely. “Abby keeps saying, ‘He’s so cute.’ She’s so sweet and gentle with him. She even gives him skin to skin tummy time in the morning in our bed. She is always looking for some way to help out. It is still a big change for her,” Smith told me.

The couple has made an effort to make this entire time special for Abby by celebrating her role as big sister.

A special Christmas gift

Little Joshua really was a gift for Christie Lynn Smith and John Fortson. “Santa was really good to us this year!” Smith exclaimed. “We came home from the hospital on Christmas Eve. My parents had just flown in the night I went into labor. Perfect timing!”

Congratulations to the Fortson family! We’re so happy for you. And I have to say it: What a cute baby!

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