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Baby name resolutions for new parents

If you are gearing up to pick the perfect baby name for your child in the upcoming year, it is time to brush up on these baby name resolutions. Whether this is your first child or third, you are expecting twins or are adopting, check out these tips for picking the perfect baby name.

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Resolutions aren’t just about losing weight, organizing or getting out of debt. If you are expecting a baby and are searching for the perfect baby name, our baby name resolutions will help you avoid many of the common baby name mistakes many parents fall in to.

Tip: Check out our list of the top 100 baby names and try to steer away from the names at the top of the list if you are looking for a more unique name.

I will think outside the box

Most parents who regret their baby name choice say it is because they picked a name that was too popular. Not sure if your name is in danger of being overused? Pay attention to the names of the babies and kids at the parks or at stores. If you love the name Mason or Olivia, but have heard a couple of kids with that same name you might want to consider a different name — unless you don’t care that your name choice is a popular one.

I will think twice about picking a name with a weird spelling

Even though you may not necessarily want a popular name, there is something to be said for picking a name that is easy to pronounce and spell. If you name your child Ryan, but spell it Rian or decide to name your daughter Emileigh instead of Emily, be prepared for you (and your child) to have to spell it out and pronounce it to friends, family, teachers… the list goes on.

The bottom line is when it comes to creative baby name spellings, what looks cool on paper doesn’t always translate well into the real world.

I will look to the past for ideas for the future

One baby name trend we love are old-fashioned or vintage baby names. Many of these classic names are easy to spell and pronounce, yet still sound unique and fresh. Some examples include Milo and Jack for boys or Pearl and Delilah for girls.

I will use the middle name as a buffer

If you pick an unusual baby name or one that has a different spelling, consider using the middle name as a buffer by picking a classic name that can be used if your child wants to as he or she grows up.

I will be inspired by celebrity baby names, but won’t copy them

Even though Beyoncé named her daughter Blue or Reese Witherspoon named her son Tennessee it doesn’t mean you should too… unless you want people to say things like, “Oh, you named your son Kingston… like Gwen Stefani?”

You can be inspired by celebrity baby names, but think twice about copying them. For example, if you love how Reese picked a destination name, consider naming your son Austin or your daughter Brooklyn. Instead of naming your daughter Blue, you can name her Sage or Rose.

I won’t go with names that sound too much alike when naming twins

Things can get confusing fast if you name your twins names that sound too much alike, such as Hayden and Aidan or Ava and Ada. You can pick names with the same first letter, just make sure there is a clear distinction between the two, such as Madison and Max.

Special considerations when naming children who are adopted

Many parents who are searching for a name for a child they are adopting struggle with deciding if they should keep the birth name or change it. Although every circumstance is different, many parents have decided to incorporate their birth name as a middle name as a happy medium. If the child you are adopting is older, letting him weigh in on this decision is a good idea. Some may want to completely change their name, other children may want to hold on to it.

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