Military moms: Sharing the holidays with a soldier

Christina Ulloa, California

My son David is stationed at Kunsan Air Force Base and he’s in South Korea. It is bittersweet. I am very proud of him and what he’s doing for your [sic] country, but still as his mother I will always have concerns for his well-being and his safety — and he’s so far away.

Thank goodness for Skype and my new phone so I can see for myself that he’s OK when he calls two to three times per week. Now that he’s been gone so long it gets a little easier but the holidays are always hard. So, whenever we see someone in uniform we try and go and say something to them in hopes that someone will do the same for him. During holidays past he has had friends with families close by who usually invite him to come to dinner, so he has been very fortunate. It also gives him the opportunity to give us a call and hear his voice over the phone. But, we know this time of year is hard for him too, so when we talk to him we try to assure him that he’s not missing anything despite the fact we miss him so much.


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