Worst kid movies of 2012

Dec 27, 2012 at 12:00 p.m. ET

This year brought instant classics like Brave and ParaNorman to the silver screen.

It also brought a handful of duds that won’t leave your family rushing to the rental store. Find out what we selected as the worst kid movies of 2012

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

While this follow-up to the successful Journey to the Center of the Earth has a great message about family and acceptance, it has a shallow plot that doesn’t warrant a re-watch. Seemingly put together just to create a 3-D experience, it has nothing we didn’t already see in Jurassic Park. The performances are endearing, but that isn’t enough to save this flop.

Ice Age: Continental Drift

The Ice Age franchise pushes on with another installment that focuses on cliche sentiments about family. Fan-favorite Scrat doesn’t disappoint in his endless quest for an acorn, but overall this trite sequel does little to impress. Kids who really adore the characters may love it, but parents and older siblings won’t be engaged.

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The Three Stooges

A talented supporting cast can’t save this remake from the Farrelly brothers. Known for their adult comedies, the duo took on the beloved Stooges for a modern day spin. Even with a novel reality TV show plot line, this juvenile film doesn’t bring much to the table. You’re better off showing your children some of the classic Stooges films.

Mirror Mirror

Stand-out director Tarsem Singh brought viewers the visually stunning but violent fable, The Fall. In Mirror Mirror, he approaches younger audiences with one of the most beloved fairy tales, Snow White. The result is gorgeous to look at but otherwise unappealing. Kids will love the bright colors and slapstick, but most of this messy film will leave adults groaning.

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

If your kid is a die-hard fan of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, it won’t matter how bad the film series gets. True fans will love this summertime installment featuring protagonist Greg Heffley’s summer job shenanigans. If you’re looking for a great film to watch with your family, this probably isn’t the best choice. Gauge your kid’s interest in the book series before taking this one on.

Dr Seuss' The Lorax

While entertaining and pretty to look at, this film bears very little resemblance to the original, beloved children’s storybook, The Lorax. The elegant, meaningful story of The Lorax is distorted into a full-length film full of the kind of jokes and frenzy kids are used to seeing in little kid movies. At the very least, read the book before you watch the movie.

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