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Bad Santa photos

You’ve been waiting to take your children to see Santa Claus, so they can sit on his lap, talk about what they want for Christmas, and snap a perfect holiday picture. Unfortunately, reality isn’t always picture-perfect and the results can be less than spectacular. You may find that your own bad Santa photo becomes a treasured part of your holiday memories, like these families did.

Violet, Aiden and Raelene

Violet, Aiden and Ralene, children of Traci from New Jersey

This was last year’s picture of the “big” kids. As you can see Aiden got over his fear of Santa and now adores him, but Raelene on the other hand… not so much! She was totally stoked to go see him and talk to him up until the time I put her on his lap — it was all downhill from there. Violet, she just looked angry that she even had to be there, but eventually talked to him after the picture was taken.

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