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Coolest apps for moms of 2012

Need to level up in savvy parenting? We found an app for that. The 2012 top apps for moms make life just a little easier. Get help right in the palm of your hand.


Who doesn’t love checking off a to-do list? Clear ($1.99), an app for iPhone and Mac, lets you create simple, stylish to-do lists without any frills or extras. Once you get started, you’ll get addicted to the satisfying little sound it makes when you clear off a task. Use Clear for your daily tasks, your work tasks or your grocery list.


Meal planning is a cinch with Ziplist (free). This app combines grocery lists, couponing and recipe planning. A free web portal lets you sync your recipes and meal plans with your phone so you can take your list to the grocery store. Features help you save money with coupons targeted toward what you habitually shop for.


Whether you crave white noise or your baby needs it to nap, SimplyNoise (99 cents) is the app you never knew you needed. Sound comes in many colors based on frequency. SimplyNoise offers a better sound quality than most pricy sound machines. Try the calming brown noise as you work or when you’re getting ready for bed and need help quieting your mind. Try it with your kids as they do homework.


If you struggle to keep up with a reward and chore chart, you’re not alone. Award-winning app, iRewardChart ($3.99) allows you to track multiple children. Keep track of chores and tasks like homework, and set your own rewards. Your kids will love seeing their virtual progress and you’ll love the simple way to track chores and good behavior.

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The Wonder Weeks

For parents of newborns and young babies, The Wonder Weeks ($1.99) app can be a lifesaver during those times of wondering what on earth is going on. Babies change drastically and quickly, often resulting in fussy phases, poor sleep and poor appetite. The Wonder Weeks app helps parents track developmental progress week by week as young babies develop.


Now that you’ve mastered Instagram (and probably gotten addicted to it in the process), add some pizazz to the photos you share of your kids and meals. Overgram (free) lets you add text to your photos, creating beautiful graphics. You don’t need to know a thing about graphic design. Just play with fonts and photos and see what kind of magic you come up with. (This is a good one for passing time in car line.)


When your kids are sick, your best bet is to consult with your pediatrician. But what busy mom hasn’t put off dealing with her own symptoms? iTriage (free) is a helpful app when it comes to Dr. Googling your own health issues. It doesn’t replace a doctor’s care, but it can help you figure out when you need to see a doctor and can even help you locate a provider.

Angry Birds Star Wars

If you want to pretend this app is for keeping your kids entertained in the car or in a quiet waiting room, we won’t tell anyone the truth. The highly addictive game Angry Birds has expanded many times since its inception, but no update has been quite as exciting or relevant to parents as Angry Birds Star Wars (99 cents). Pick it up for hours of entertainment.

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