Peaceful parenting

Staying calm is one of the most important things new parents can do after they bring their new baby home from the hospital.

It’s an essential step to achieve a happy and peaceful household for everyone.

When I work with a family, they usually say “Marva, you make it look so easy.” Well, it appears easy because of being calm and staying grounded. The calm is inside of you and there are some important things you can do to spread it around and radiate it to others, especially your spouse and newborn. Here are some things that you and your spouse can do to keep calm as new parents.

Eat well

This is something we all can do. The right foods like green vegetables and healthy grains can affect your mood and energy in a positive way. Eat healthy and it will help you stay strong.

Sex appeal

Don’t forget some sweet lovemaking with your spouse. Six weeks or so after birth, this should be part of getting back to a normal married relationship.

Alternate nights

It’s important for you and your partner to alternate staying up nights with the baby. The only thing that will happen if you both stay up are… arguments. By alternating nights, you will give each other a break and a chance to recharge.

Take a time-out

Each spouse should take turns watching the baby and allow the other to take a time-out. A quick trip to the driving range for a golf-loving husband will make him feel happier. A massage for a new mother will make her feel relaxed. These quick moments can rejuvenate Mom and Dad.


Heading into a peaceful space for even just fifteen minutes to meditate will help you on all levels. In fact, you will find many of the answers you’re looking for as a new parent in that quiet space. So find a peaceful space in your home where you can meditate every day. You’ll soon realize that it can be a very beneficial break.

Pace yourself

Don’t take too much on at once as a new parent. Pacing yourself will help keep energy and morale up. By taking on too much at one time, you can fizzle out quickly or even get sick. This will be of no benefit to you, your spouse or your baby. Be careful how much you put on your plate at once. Stay calm and realize that some things can wait.

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