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Creative Christmas wrap children can make

The wrapping will rival the gift inside when it’s made by sweet little hands.

These homemade wrapping papers are so special that you’ll want to frame and cherish them forever!

Artist in training

Your child loves the way you hang his artwork on the refrigerator, and he’ll love seeing his handiwork as gift wrap too. Whether it’s a freehand drawing or colored page of a coloring book, your child’s masterpiece will make delightful gift wrap.

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You can’t eat just one…

… so once you’ve emptied that potato chip bag, give it new life! Cut open the bag, wash it with soap and water and let dry. With the shiny inside facing out, it’s perfect for wrapping gifts. (If you’d rather skip the washing and drying, consider replacing the potato chip bag with aluminum foil.)

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Brown bag it

Kraft paper is great for every kind of kid craft — Christmas gift wrap included. Your child can decorate the paper before and/or after wrapping the gifts! And the options are endless. Use red and green markers, paints, crayons, stamps, stickers and stencils to create one-of-a-kind wrapping paper that your kids will take pride in. (Brown paper bags work too!)

Repurposed paper

Scour the house for outdated maps, incomplete books and other printed papers that have seen better days. Using a foam paintbrush, apply decoupage glue to the surface of the paper. Sprinkle with red, green, silver and/or gold glitter.

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In the bag

If the gift it tricky to wrap, then stick it in a plain gift bag that’s been decorated by the kids. Next, apply painted handprints, their names in red and green marker or anything that’s festive and unique. Add some bright ribbons, twine and leaves or a couple of holly sprigs as a finishing touch.

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Picture paper

Scan a favorite picture of your little gift giver. Copy and paste the photo in a variety of sizes to a document and print. Randomly apply the mini photocopies to plain white paper. Let your child embellish the paper with colorful foam shapes and letters. Grandparents especially love this personalized, frame-worthy wrapping paper! A variety of companies offer custom photo wrapping paper too, such as

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Forget the paper

Instead of wrapping a gift in paper, repurpose something from around the house. Place the gift in a wicker basket, a metal bucket or a tote bag. The wrap itself becomes part of the gift — and your child gets a lesson in recycling!

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