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Why Baby’s first Christmas is overrated

The first ornament, the first picture with Santa, the first holiday outfit… your first panic attack?

A year from now, you’ll be rolling your eyes wishing you knew then what you know now about what really matters about Baby’s first Christmas.

Save yourself your first panic attack

When you have a baby, it’s all about the firsts. The first time she rolls over, the first steps, the first time she experiences a holiday like Christmas. But trying to make every single milestone perfect for your baby can create more stress than happiness and give you nothing short of your first panic attack. So do yourself a favor and experience a first of your own — the first time you let go of your need to make your baby’s first year perfect.

“Baby’s first Christmas can feel like yet another opportunity to ‘get it wrong’ as a mom. It’s such a common thing. Everyone wants to have a perfect family, which means having a perfect Christmas,” says Nanny M., author of the Nanny App, designed to give mothers expert parenting advice on the go. “What matters most is that you are a relaxed and happy mom,” she adds.

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Who is this first Christmas really for?

“I remember one Los Angeles mom who covered her entire house in fake snow so she could take baby pictures for Christmas cards. By the time Christmas actually arrived, the whole thing looked such a mess she had to check into a hotel for the holidays,” says Nanny M. “My best advice is this: “Remember, Baby won’t remember.”

What’s really important?

Do you need the Normal Rockwell worthy Santa photo op? Is it an absolute must that you take Baby to open gifts at every relative’s house? Will you flip out if you don’t record your newborn the first time she hears Christmas carols? Maybe it’s time to narrow down your list before you check it twice. Robert Nickell, founder of suggests these tips for deciding what’s really important when prepping for your baby’s first Christmas:

  1. Keep it simple and don’t sweat the small stuff. “If Baby is picky about clothing don’t force her into a $200 lace dress with tights when a red or green onesie can be just as festive and much more comfortable.”
  2. Be smart. “Go see Santa for a picture on a Monday morning when the mall is least crowded and you most likely won’t have to stand in a long line, if at all.”
  3. Plan ahead. If your list is a mile long of the things you want to do and see with the baby, start early. Go see Santa one week and the holiday lights the next.”

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