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Tech gifts for teens

With constantly advancing technologies, it could be hard to keep up with the latest gadgets for teens. The key to finding the perfect gift is discovering the most up-to-date trends. Look for classic products with new enhancements. Sticking with basic items ensures you’ll choose a gift any teen will appreciate.

teen playing video games

The latest gaming system

If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that video games and teens go hand in hand. Every year the major gaming companies come out with the latest and greatest new gaming technologies. Talk to your teen to find out which new gaming system she’s coveting and whether it will fit in your budget.

Even if you can’t pick up a full-fledged system, consider a handheld gaming device or even a gift card for cell phone gaming apps.

For the ultimate gamer

Gaming chair

For the teen who has every video game under the sun, it may seem like there’s nothing left that he needs. If he spends his free time glued to his video game controllers, why not make the stay enjoyable? A gaming chair, like the Lumisource Pulse BoomChair Video Rocker (, $160) isn’t just a comfortable place to enter the virtual world, it’s fully equipped with the latest technological features to meet all of your teen’s gaming needs. With built-in speakers to provide a 3-D experience, vibrations to enable all his senses and a wireless connection to other chairs and game players, this chair has it all.

For the social media magnet


We know gloves may sound like the most boring gift imaginable, but technology has given them a whole new look. Touch screen gloves will keep teens warm without missing a beat in the cyber world. When they just have to respond quickly to a friend’s text or take a picture in an instant, they will be thankful they don’t have bulky, slippery gloves to slow them down. Agloves are lightweight, look sleek and sophisticated and are compatible on all touch screen devices (Agloves, $20).

For the adventurer

teen adventurer gift ideas

For teens who are always up to something, whether perfecting their skills on the half-pipe or gliding down the mountainside, a great tech gift is something they’ll get the most use out of. So while they’re out exploring, defying gravity and pushing their own limits, let them capture every moment! Video cameras that mount on helmets or snow goggles are up any dare devil’s alley. Liquid Image Apex HD snow goggles fit with most helmets and provide point-of-view accuracy (Liquid Image, $300), while Action Shot Camera HD mounts on handlebars, skateboards and helmets (Action Shot, $99).


For the traditionalist

Home video game consoles and iPads may have surpassed arcades, but there’s something to be said for the functionality of the arcade-style cabinet. Even with all of the iPad’s gaming features, having the optimum viewing angle and easy-to-maneuver joystick and buttons will give commanding control of the action and make gaming all the more entertaining. The iPad wirelessly connects to the iCade and is compatible with over 500 games. For the teen who loves retro gear, the iCade is a cool, hip and quirky gift that is sure to please (Think Geek, $80).

For additional gift ideas

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