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Crafts boys won’t hate to do

Boys will be boys, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be crafty!

Boys often get left out of the craft loop, but not all crafts are “girly.” If you pick the right project, a boy can have just as much fun with paint and glue as girls can. Try these three crafts we found on Pinterest, all guaranteed to please the boy in your life.


Anything that makes us say “Eww!” is guaranteed to be liked by boys. He’ll love to make gak from Come Together Kids. Gak is basically homemade slime. You can whip up a batch in just a few minutes and he’ll spend hours smashing, stretching and playing with the gooey glob. You probably have all of the ingredients on hand, and you can create it in any color he wants.

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What do boys like? Blowing things up!

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Of course he’ll help you craft a volcano like this one from Getting Messy with Ms. Jessi if you tell him he can make it explode when it’s finished. You’ll need a sturdy base — a thin piece of wood works best, but a big piece of cardboard will work as well. Ms. Jessi uses liquid starch for her volcano, but if you don’t have that on hand, you can easily substitute with a simple flour, water and salt paper mache mixture. Have him help you paint the volcano after the paper mache dries — you want it to look as lifelike as possible before it blows up!

egg carton boats

Egg carton boats

Boys have a short attention span when they’re sitting at the craft table, so this one is a winner because it really doesn’t take long. This egg carton boat from Life at the Zoo looks pretty complicated, but it’s actually not. It’s an egg carton with a chopstick mast and a paper sail. That’s it. If he wants, he can fancy it up a bit with paint and little sailors, but it’s not a necessity. The best part? Once this little project is complete, it’ll actually float!

Bird feeders

There’s nothing about bird feeders that screams “boy,” but it’s not a “girly” project either, so most boys shouldn’t mind this one. This bird feeder project from eighteen25 isn’t your average bird feeder. You get to make a gooey mix and smash it into cookie cutter shapes, so at least he’ll get his hands dirty. Even better, the end result is a super cute bird feeder that you’ll love to hang in your trees outside.

Quick Tip

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