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Best active video games to get the family off the couch

Want some serious family fun that keeps you fit? Try family video games that tempt your couch potatoes into being part of the action!

family playing video games

Action-packed video games are a fun and healthy choice for your next family game night. Choosing the right game gets your couch potatoes up and active, and everyone improves their fitness while they play and share the big-time fun!

Animal games

Imaginative, with adorable graphics and engaging storylines, energetic animal games made for active gaming systems will appeal to kids of all ages! Everyone gets a fun workout while steering animals through adventure scenarios. These games are like the animal video games of your childhood, but you get to move the animals through the games with your body — instead of just your hands.

Sports games

Whether you want to focus on a specific sport, like baseball, or you want to dabble in a little bit of everything, sports games are the perfect combination of physical activity and competition. Look for classic active sports games — like golf, tennis or bowling — or branch out to new favorites — like beach volleyball or gymnastics.

Playground games

Playground games allow the family to play some classic schoolyard games in the comfort of your living room. Everyone can participate in tetherball and wall ball, and the whole family will have fun trying to take out other players in a fast and furious dodgeball competition.

Dance games

With the popularity of shows like Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance, it’s not surprising that dance games would be a hit for the whole family. With fun dance moves and great music, the family can dance along with their favorite characters and get a great aerobic workout without even realizing it! Some games even have a stop-action “pose” portion that’s sure to get a giggle from the players enjoying these groovy games.

Adventure games

Challenge and adventure games haven’t always been good options for the active gamer, but many of these games now offer physical activity challenges that you must pass to move on to the next level. Playing as a family will inspire cooperation and fire up your kids’ competitive spirits as they run and jump through the challenges. These games generally have a mental component too, so you’ll love that your kids’ brains are being stretched as they work up a sweat.

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