Hip for the holidays: Cute kids' outfit ideas for holiday festivities

Dec 1, 2012 at 4:52 a.m. ET

Dressing up for the holidays is a lot of fun. This season, dress your kids in colorful outfits that are stylish, affordable and occasion-appropriate.

The holidays are almost here, and there are plenty of fun, festive activities taking place for your whole family. When you are out and about enjoying the seasonal festivities, dress your kids up in colorful and cute outfits.

For playing in the snow

Snow outfit

For ski trips or just playing in the snow, dress her up in cute snow clothes in fun colors. You'll adore this C9 by Champion kids snow bib in hot pink (Target, $16). Add a pair of hip-yet-cozy gloves like the Chero BG ski gloves in purple leopard (Target, $8), and finish off the look with Circo Navia winter boots (Target, $24).

For worship services

Kids clothes for worship services

For families who attend church or other worship services on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, you want a dressy outfit for your kids that is stylish and comfortable. For young boys, a red sweater vest over a button-down shirt and cords may fit the bill (Target, $10). A sweater dress over tights is the answer for your little princess (Target, $20).

For opening gifts

Pajamas for opening gifts

We all love the photos of kids opening gifts on Christmas morning. Make sure your little ones are picture-ready with an adorable pair of festive pajamas. You can give the PJs to your kids as a Christmas Eve gift. Your toddler or preschooler will look great in these Just One You by Carter's Santa pajamas (Target, $8). If you are looking for footie PJs, check out the JOY ITB holiday pajamas (Target, $12).

For Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner outfit

When it comes to Christmas dinner, you want your kids to look cute, but you also know there might be small spills. You don't want to have to try to clean cranberry sauce or pumpkin pie out of velvet, silk or other delicate fabrics. So instead, look for washable knits. For boys, the Cherokee striped sweater will look great with everything — slacks, jeans, khakis or cords (Target, $14). For girls, a Circo holiday tee with a tutu skirt and tights will look oh so cute (Target, $8).

When dressing your kids for holiday activities, don't just consider how cute the clothes are — also take into account comfort. It's important that your kids are warm and cozy if they are going to be outdoors, and that they are comfortable whether they are indoors or out. Though it may be tempting to spend a bundle on expensive suits and fancy dresses for the holidays, remember the fact that your child may not wear the outfit ever again — by next year they will have most likely outgrown it.

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