Holiday gifts for girls

Nov 23, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. ET

Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift for your daughter, niece or any other little girl in your life? These dolls and other gift ideas will certainly put a smile on her face.

Princess Doll Stroller

Princess Doll Stroller

The Valco Baby Princess Doll Stroller (Valco Baby, $120) offers little girls a miniature version of a classic pram style stroller. Engineered with the same care, precision and thought given to Valco strollers for moms, the Princess Stroller is designed for years of play. It features a sturdy frame, handmade spoke wheels, generous canopy and a roomy basket with ample storage. This baby doll stroller can be preordered right now in pink or black and white Cirque.

Secret of the Wings Dolls

Secret of the Wings Dolls

JAKKS Pacific has developed a line of dolls, dress up and role play items inspired by the Secret of the Wings movie. If your little girl loves this movie (or even if she hasn't seen it yet), she'll adore these fairy dolls. The Disney Fairies Secret of the Wings Tink and Periwinkle Friendship Forever Two-Pack (Walmart, Kmart, Target and other retailers, $25) is a beautiful, giftable combo-pack that features both dolls in their iconic winter fashions inspired by the film.

Mystixx Vampire Dolls

Mystixx Dolls

We all know that vampires are "in" right now, and your daughter will love these cool, transformational vampire dolls. Mystixx Vampire Dolls (Amazon Prime, $30) from toymaker Playhut are presented as popular girls at school by day that transform into powerful vampires at night. To transform the dolls, your child needs to simply turn their heads around, change their outfits and swap their wigs. The four dolls — Talin, Siva, Azra and Kalani — have different "personalities" that focus on characteristics like confidence, compassion, competiveness and intelligence.

Once Upon a Treehouse

Once Upon a Treehouse Dolls

Once Upon a Treehouse is a line of eco-friendly, wholesome, handmade dollhouse toys designed by two moms. These toys are complemented with a reliable website filled with fun, interactive ideas for children, parents and grandparents. The line includes dollhouses, dolls, pets, clothing and accessories so each child can create their own unique family. Every single item from Once Upon a Treehouse is absolutely adorable, but you'll love their Dollhouse Dolls (, $16.50). And for every doll purchased from Once Upon a Treehouse, they will donate a soft baby doll to a girl in need.

Cinderella's Pumpkin Carriage

Cinderell's Transforming Pumpkin Carriage

Your little girl will love this elegant pumpkin carriage inspired by the classic Disney animated film Cinderella. To transform Disney Princess Cinderella's Transforming Pumpkin Carriage (Toys "R" Us, $60) from Mattel, you simply lift the pumpkin, pop up the carriage wheels and then pull the cord to reveal the beautiful carriage underneath and attach the cord to the horse for the reins. Dolls are not included.

Winx Club Believix Fashion Dolls

Winx Club Believix Dolls

Based on the characters from Nickelodeon's animated series Winx Club, these posable Winx Club Believix Fashion Dolls (Toys "R" Us, $20) can go from girl to fairy with their removable, sparkly wings. The wings are interchangeable, so she can collect all six dolls and mix-and-match the wings. Each doll comes with a membership card that unlocks all kinds of cool, exclusive content on

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Of course, little girls love to play with more than dolls. However, these dolls and doll accessories just happen to be some of our favorite toys this year. Check out more gift ideas for your daughters and other girls below.

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