Celeb bump day: Lisa Ling, Lily Allen, Amber Rose

Happy Wednesday Hump Day — also known to us as Celebrity Baby Bump Day! We have rounded up the cutest pregnant celebrities of the week, including Lisa Ling who is excited (but also a little nervous) to be pregnant again after suffering a miscarriage. Singer Lily Allen showed off her baby bump while taking a babymoon vacation, while pregnant Amber Rose wore a tight black jumpsuit to dine at The Cheesecake Factory. Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles and Chad Lowe’s pregnant wife round out our list of cute pregnant celebrities.

Pregnant Lisa Ling and husband

Lisa Ling

After suffering a miscarriage at seven weeks of pregnancy in 2010, Lisa Ling is excited, yet feeling cautious, about her second pregnancy. She is now in her second trimester and said she feels “lucky” to be pregnant again.

”I was trying to keep it quiet for a long time, but now I’m getting to a point where I just look like I have a beer belly,” the 39-year-old journalist told E! Online. ”So I figured, I better share it publicly before people actually think I have this beer belly.”

Ling, who is married to Dr. Paul Song, said she has made some lifestyle changes since she has become pregnant. “I’ve just been trying to be very, very cautious about everything… with diet, with exercise,” she said.

One perk she is loving about being pregnant? ”My boobs are enormous!” she said.

She recently appeared on Anderson Cooper’s talk show and showed off her ultrasound and shared the news that she is expecting a girl!

Congratulations Lisa!

Next up: Singer Lily Allen’s really starting to show!



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