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Create a family bucket list

Families are busier than ever these days and in the blink of an eye your newborn is starting school and then taking senior portraits. Before your children are up and out, make time to share some long lasting family memories together.

Traditionally, bucket lists were created by people in the twilight of their lives, people who were literally about to “kick the bucket” but these days families are making bucket lists to connect, reconnect or revitalize their relationships with one another.

Creating a family bucket list is an amazing way to make memories that will last a lifetime for you and your family while strengthening your family bond too.

The sky’s the limit

Get the entire family involved and gathered together to discuss what experiences you would like to share as a family. If you’ve always dreamed of taking a road trip to see the Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore or the Statue of Liberty; if you’ve always wanted to swim with dolphins in Hawaii, or have your picture taken with Mickey Mouse, add it to your list.

While travel adventures may be a great way to connect as a family, your bucket list items don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Be sure to include some simple, easily achievable goals too, like: Paint a room in your home together, camp out in the back yard, take a bike ride, adopt a puppy, establish a weekly game night or create a coat of arms for your family.

Put it in writing

We all know when goals are written down, they are much more likely to happen. Too often, we talk about wanting to do something or saving activities for “someday.” If we don’t set aside the time now, it will pass us by. Include specific plans, timelines and other necessary details to ensure the items on your bucket list are accomplished.

Show it off

Be proud of your hopes for your family by posting your bucket list for everyone to see and revisit it often to make additions and cross off activities completed.

Before your family grows up, drifts apart and you and your spouse become empty nesters, make time for family bonding because doing things together — big and small — will only strengthen your love and connection as a family.

Tell us

Does your family have a bucket list? If so, what types of items are on your list?

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