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Get away for T-Day

Thanksgiving means a huge feast, lots of football and — most importantly — a four-day break from work and school!

Opt for a non-traditional Thanksgiving celebration this year by packing up and getting out of town.

Visit distant relatives and friends

Thanksgiving is all about being with loved ones. So why not visit a friend or family member that you don’t often get a chance to see? Perhaps you have a cousin in New York or a great aunt in Australia who hasn’t yet met your kids. Make arrangements for a trip to visit a new city as well as rekindle a connection with loved ones over your Thanksgiving vacation.

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Head for the hills… or mountains

Ban technology over Turkey Day by renting a cozy cabin void of television and free Wi-Fi (gasp!). Use the four-day break without modern technology to bond with your kids — especially those tweens and teens who have their faces in their iPods and ears to their iPhones from the moment they get home from school to the time they turn in for the night.

Enjoy local skiing, hiking or biking or anything else the quaint mountain town has to offer.

Pitch a tent

Trade the big Thanksgiving feast for a simple meal of hot dogs around a warm campfire with your nearest and dearest by your side. As you roast marshmallows for s’mores, ask your family members to think about what they are most grateful for this Thanksgiving.

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Visit a city in its off-season

If you and your family are total travel bugs, use the Thanksgiving break to check another travel hot spot off your list of must-sees. Do some research and select a city that is experiencing its off-season to save on accommodations and activities. ?

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Keep this is mind

Thanksgiving Day is one of the busiest travel days of the year at airports worldwide. If your travel plans include flying, try to make arrangements for less popular days and times to save money on tickets and time in the airport security lines.

Even if your travel doesn’t include an airplane, roads and highways are likely to be more populated during these holiday vacation days. Be prepared for delays and allow plenty of time on the road or at the airport.

Make your getaway a new Thanksgiving tradition

Big holidays can cause a lot of stress for your whole family. Instead of getting sucked into the pressure of the perfect Thanksgiving meal, make the Thanksgiving getaway your new family tradition.

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