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Go exotic! Global-inspired baby names

Ready to take a trip? We have rounded up exotic baby names from around the world, including Irish names, edgy Japanese names, spicy Spanish names, unique German names and romantic French names. These global-inspired baby girl and baby boy names are perfect for parents who love to travel the world!

If you are looking for a baby name that has an exotic sound to it, look no further than our list of unique baby names from around the world.

Irish and Welsh names

Irish names have a great melodic sound making them a popular choice for parents here in the U.S. Some traditional Irish names, however, can be tricky to pronounce — for example the name Niamh is pronounced like “Neve” and Aoife is pronounced “ee-fa.” The following girl and boy Irish names are a great choice because they are fairly easy to pronounce and spell:

Irish girl names

Irish boy names

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Spicy Spanish names

Spanish baby names have a spicy flair that you are sure to love! Many of these names have great meanings that add to their appeal. Click on the names to get more information on origin and meaning!

Spanish girl names

Spanish boy names

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Unique German names

German baby names are unique with a modern sound to them. These edgy names are perfect for your baby girl or baby boy. Many German names use a “K” instead of a “C” — for example Eric and Erik or Jessica and Jessika.

German girl names

German boy names

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Romantic French names

French baby names are romantic, sophisticated and are simply tres magnifique! Check out some of our top picks:

French boy names

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Cool names from around the world

Want more exotic baby name choices? We have searched from one end of the globe to the other to bring you these truly cool baby names from around the world.

Exotic girl names

Exotic boy names

For more exotic names, check out our advanced baby name search where you can look at names by origin!

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