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Gobble, gobble! Make a paper tube turkey craft

Thanksgiving is usually enjoyed with a house full of family, which usually means a house full of kids! It can be a challenge to keep the little ones occupied while the adults mingle and cook. Keep your little turkeys busy on Thanksgiving with this easy paper tube turkey craft!

What you’ll need:

  • red, orange and yellow construction paper
  • toilet paper tube
  • glue
  • scissors
  • marker
  • two buttons
  • a brown pipe cleaner

What you’ll do:

Glue the two buttons to the paper tube to form the turkey’s eyes.

Cut out a triangle from the orange construction paper and glue it beneath the eyes to form the turkey’s beak. Then, cut out a squiggle from the red construction paper and glue it beneath the beak to form the gobbler.

Trace your child’s hand on to a piece of construction paper. Use the cut out as a template to trace and cut out more hand shapes. You will need a total of six cut out handprints.

Glue three of the hand prints to the back of the paper tube to make the turkey’s feathers.

Glue a second layer of hand prints to the back of the paper tube.

Cut two 2-inch sections of the pipe cleaner. Bend the pipe cleaner back and forth a couple of times to create the turkey’s foot. Repeat for the second foot.

Use glue to attach the feet to the bottom of the paper tube.

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