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Veterans Day photos: Military families

Jake and Laura's Veterans Day photo

Jake and Laura

Jake, Laura, Davina, Luke, Andy from Wathena, Kansas

Jake is serving in the Missouri National Guard.

Jake says, “The hardest part of being away was missing out on the kids growing up.” He missed Luke’s first steps, as well as missed birthday parties and holidays. There are pictures and videos but it isn’t the same as being there in person for each moment.

About coming home, talk with someone when you’re feeling down — “getting back to normal” won’t happen right away and it can sometimes be difficult when communication between spouses isn’t that great from being apart.

Deployments are the only time the family is affected in a somewhat negative away — with the absence of father and husband. Otherwise, the family is affected in positive ways. The kids see their dad as an American hero. They understand that when he has Guard weekend, he is doing something important for all. We are all so very proud of Jake.

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