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Veterans Day photos: Military families

Sam and Vivid's military photo

Sam and Vivid

Vivid, Sam, Enolah and Soren from Quantico, Virginia

Sam is currently serving in the U.S. Marine Corps.

My husband has deployed twice before but that was before we had kids. It was hard but manageable. He is away now for three months at Marine Corps Drill Instructor School and the hardest parts are explaining it to our daughter (who is 2) in a way that she can kind of understand, and taking on double duty.

We’re able to keep in contact this time around luckily via text late in the evenings. Sam also sends videos now and then for Enolah to watch. This will be the most challenging job he has done, working 20-hour days for most of the 3 years he’ll be a drill instructor but it is what he has always wanted to do and will be really good for his career so it’s our job to support him so he can support us.

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