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Social media pressure to be a DIY mom?

It seems like all around you, your mom friends are either pinning some kid-inspired DIY idea to Pinterest or posting their latest homemade creation on Facebook.

Your best attempt at a craft is drawing a stick figure on the note you put in your child’s lunch. So how do you not feel the social media pressure to become suddenly crafty and tap into your own talents instead?

Quit having a DIY envy pity party

When clicking through Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, (you name the social media site), it’s easy to feel like you’re back in school again, walking the halls of your junior high or high school and feeling as if every girl around you has on a better, more fashionable outfit. We all remember them — the girls who looked so effortlessly put together in outfit combinations we don’t remember seeing at the mall. And now those same girls are the moms we see splattering photos of their latest DIY crafts across social media and making us feel envious yet again.

Well, the pity party needs to stop here and now. Log off (insert name of social media site in question) and repeat this mantra: Just because I don’t feel I’m a crafty mom, doesn’t mean I don’t have things to offer my child. And it also doesn’t mean I can’t succeed at a DIY project…

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Was your last DIY attempt an epic fail?

Tell us you’ve at least tried to make something yourself. Because if you haven’t, that’s the first place to start. There are a lot of, shall we say, easier projects out there that might take a lot less time and effort than you think. There’s tons of help out there, like the Pinterest tutorials board which offers a step-by-step guide in how to make just about anything.

Although it is important to know your limitations. If you can’t draw, don’t take on a project that involves drawing. You get the idea. But if you can’t do so much as glue a button on a piece of paper without it turning into a mess, it’s OK. It’s time to figure out what “non-crafty” things you can do for your child. (And by the way, don’t get down on yourself. On her last project, you have no idea how many wrongs that DIY mom you’re jealous of on Pinterest had before she got it right.)

You don’t have to be crafty to be creative

Are you a writer? If so, write a poem or a story for your little one. Do you have a love of art? Take her to a museum. Whatever your expertise, there is a way for you to share that with your child. It’s important to remember that just because you don’t have something handmade to give her, doesn’t mean you aren’t creative.

And whatever you end up doing, don’t forget to post a picture on that social networking site of you and your child enjoying yourselves!

Don’t forget, it’s the thought that counts

When your child comes home from school with a craft she made for you that’s so confusing it takes you a while to figure out what it is, you would never tell her that she failed to make you happy. The same can be said for anything you create for your son or daughter. Your child will be happy with whatever you are able to do for her simply because it’s an act of love.

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