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Boo! Creative Halloween treats for class parties

Forget trick-or-treating! Classroom Halloween parties are where the fun can be found! If your child’s teacher gives the green light for celebrating Halloween in the classroom, take advantage of it by pulling together some fun and creative Halloween treats that will make the kids forget about any tricks they were planning to pull!

Breakfast time tricky treats

When you have kiddos who are having morning Halloween celebrations at school, sending candy-corn laden treats just doesn’t seem right… even for this sugar-obsessed holiday. Instead, try taking a sweet breakfast favorite, like these powdered sugar mini donuts into the land of Halloween with a little makeover. Look for the donuts in a box in the bakery section of your grocery store, then simply add in the eyes of a spooky ghost using chocolate chips or mini-chocolate chips, making the hole of the donut his “boo” shaped mouth. You may not earn bonus points from your child’s teacher for bringing a messy treat to the class party, but you’re sure to be on the most-popular mom list with the kids! Hint: Throw a pack of baby wipes in your purse to help with the clean-up.

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Crumb-free and allergy-safe

So many classrooms are hyper-aware of allergies and dietary restrictions — and for good reason — as many children have food allergies that can become a serious concern during situations like classroom holiday parties. These fun Halloween treats should bypass all of the potential concerns, as they are nut-free, gluten-free and dairy-free. And, best of all, they’re fun and easy to make and transport to school! Making these adorable Jell-O jack-o’-lantern cups is as easy as following the directions on the pack of Jell-O. First, draw the faces on the cups — it will be much easier to do it while they are empty — and be sure to use permanent marker. Next, whip up your Jell-O and pour it into the cups. It’s best to let it set overnight, to make sure it is completely kid-friendly. Keep in mind that each 6-ounce box of Jell-O will fill approximately six jack-o’-lantern cups and don’t forget spoons!

Hauntingly healthy

You’re about to become that mom. The one who brings vegetables to the class party. Stop the eye-rolls of your kids in their tracks by making this fun pumpkin veggie platter, so at least their friends will ooh and ahh for a moment as they pass up your veggies for something sweet! Start with a large platter or a cookie sheet with a rim and fill it with a two-pound bag of baby carrots or full-sized carrots that you’ve cut into three-inch long pieces. Shape them into a pumpkin — you can use a foil border as a guide, if you’d like — and then add other veggies to create a stem, eyes and a toothy grin. You could also do the same with fruit, using cantaloupe as the body of the pumpkin.

Hydrate for Halloween

The only thing harder than getting your kids to eat something nutritious on Halloween is getting them to stay hydrated. Pull a little trick of your own at their classroom Halloween party with these fun mini water bottles that are transformed into pumpkins. Kids love drinking out of them and they are perfect for a busy party, as they can easily write their name on the outside of the pumpkin to avoid mix-ups. You can leave the original wrappers on the water bottles, covering them up with strips of orange paper that are approximately eight inches long and three inches high. Attach each strip with some double-sided tape — which should be in every mom’s kit! — and then attach a small paper stem and leaf in the same way. You can step up the cuteness by adding a fun Halloween ribbon or some raffia that can easily be taken off by little hands.

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