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Sock monkey themed party

Kara Allen

Kara Allen, straight from Kara’s Party Ideas, is sharing one of her adorable party ideas with SheKnows.

Kara's Party Ideas

Throw a Sock Monkey party

Kara Allen, straight from Kara’s Party Ideas, is sharing
one of her adorable party ideas with SheKnows. At a
very young age, Kara started planning birthday parties
for her family and friends. Her creative mind, attention
to detail and love for party styling became evident as
her site grew quickly.

I’m excited to share my Sock Monkey Birthday Party with you! Who doesn’t love the classic sock monkey toy? This party theme would be adorable for any occasion!

Sock monkey themed party | Sock monkey themed party

To start off, I set up the party on two different tables. One, a cream chest that was lower to the ground (so small guests could easily reach the desserts and treats set out for them).

Sock monkey table 2 | Sock monkey themed party

The second table, an old wooden cable spool, was used for the monkey candy bar… with treats like monkey vines, Tootsie Rolls, chocolate animal crackers, banana candies, banana milk, monkey tails and more.

Candy jars | Sock monkey themed party

The candy and cookies were all placed in tall glass jars, adorned with burlap ribbon and twine from my shop* (to add to the monkey feel).

Banana milk & monkey tails | Sock monkey themed party

Easily make monkey tails with pretzel sticks dipped in white candy melts. I placed the “monkey tails” in a small mason jar and wrote what treats were offered on cute miniature standing chalkboards.

Chalkboard | Sock monkey themed party

Behind the small cream chest was a chalkboard. Pennant flags spelling “PARTY” were easily drawn onto the chalkboard with cream chalk. Polka dot balloons were attached to the side of the chalkboard for extra charm.

Banana pudding | Sock monkey themed party

We filled mini pedestal cups with banana pudding and vanilla wafers. A cute wooden mini spoon was set at the front of each cup; adorned with baker’s twine.

Party supplies | Sock monkey themed party

The sock monkey napkins, cups, plates and tablecloth from my shop were so bright and fun and added so much to the party. I hung a toy monkey on the side of each sock monkey themed cup, and placed striped red paper straws in each cup as well. Cupcakes with red gumballs on top were placed in polka dot nut/candy cups. The candy/cupcake cups are good for more than just cupcakes, too… they’re the perfect size for holding treats and candy as well.

Barrel of monkeys | Sock monkey themed party

We made a fun cake/dessert stand out of three “barrel of monkeys.” We simply wrapped the barrels in jute/twine and placed a plate on top of the barrels.

Candy tubes | Sock monkey themed party

We filled gumball/candy tubes with red candies, and tied brown ribbon around them.

Bags | Sock monkey themed party

The natural wooden trays set out in front of the candy bar were a hit! I also put striped paper bags and burlap bags out for the guests to fill. We made window favor bags for this party, too. The red striped paper bags, ornate paper punch and ribbon are all available in my shop. Easy tutorial on how to make them, here.

*All the party supplies mentioned here and used in this party are available in Kara’s Party Ideas Shop.

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