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4 Halloween costumes to avoid this year

How sexy is too sexy when it comes to teen’s Halloween costumes? We looked at the worst of the worst super risque options and came up with four costumes you’ll want to tone down or shelf until she’s eighteen.

It’s a tricky line when it comes to determining what’s too sexy for teenage girls to wear on Halloween. On one hand, you don’t want to send girls the message that their bodies are wrong or shameful. On the other, it’s important to teach girls to resist trends of sexualizing and objectifying bodies at increasingly younger ages. These four costumes are too risque for tweens and teens, but with some creativity, they can be re-imagined and pulled off in an age-appropriate way.

Sexy Lorax costume

The beloved Dr. Seuss character The Lorax gets an unexpected makeover for this risque Lorax Halloween costume. While the hoodie hat is adorable, and could be paired with a more modest yellow dress or even jeans or shorts, the entire ensemble is way too revealing for teens. If your daughter is committed to wearing this costume, help her pair it with skinny jeans or leggings for a less revealing (and warmer) Halloween costume.

Little miss mouse

It’s all in the details when it comes to this mouse costume designed for children. A popular cartoon character goes sexy with a collar, knee-high socks and a bustier. While it might be possible to dial this one back a little and take some of the blatant sexiness out, it’s a costume best avoided for young girls and tweens. If your daughter loves this character, encourage her to find a costume with a more age-appropriate cut and details.

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My risque little pony

This ultra-short romper takes childhood pony toys and puts a sexy twist on them. Paired with furry boots, the whole look is way too risque for teenagers. If your daughter is into My Little Pony toys or the popular television program, encourage her to find a costume that embraces the pony style without showing so much skin. Ponies are actually a popular costume amongst some teen groups, and many who dress up choose costumes that are more of a creative interpretation than a pinup picture.

Sexy ninja turtle

In the ’80s the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles transitioned from cult comic book to popular kids’ television series, with spin-off films, games and action figures. These days, they’ve also spawned some seriously risque female Ninja Turtle costumes. If your daughter wants to be a Ninja Turtle, find her a child version of the costume or a tween Ninja Turtle version with a reasonable skirt length and leggings instead of a lot of bare skin. Talk up the power and strength of being a ninja instead of focusing only on looking sexy.

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