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Wicked cool baby names

In honor of Halloween, we thought it would be the perfect time to round up some wicked cool baby names for your baby boy or baby girl. From edgy names to unique names that mean “black” — and even cool names from movies and books, you will love our list of wicked cool baby names.

Looking for the perfect baby name for your little pumpkin? These names are perfect if you are looking for a Halloween-inspired name or have a baby born in the month of October. From cool edgy names to unique names from movies (and even the Goosebumps series!), grab a pen and paper (or your iPad!) and start creating a list of your favorite names.

Halloween baby names
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Edgy baby names


We love edgy baby names because they are unique — with a modern twist. For boys, consider some of these rock star names:


These edgy girl names are modern, but also feminine. Think outside of the box with some of these cool names for your daughter:

Unique names that mean “black”

One fun way to find a unique baby name is to search for names by meaning. Not only is black the color that never goes out of style, but it is wicked cool! Check out the following boy and girl names that mean “black”:

  • Dowan: Irish boy name
  • Duff: Scottish boy name
  • Kieran: Gaelic boy name
  • Corbet: English boy name
  • Daegan: Irish boy name
  • Daiyu: Chinese girl name
  • Koko: Native American girl name
  • Peta: Native American girl name
  • Sinopa: Native American girl name
  • Cilla: American girl name

Gray is also a cool color that can inspire baby names, such as Grayson or various shades of the color, such as Slate or Ash (or Asher).

Check out more of the meaning and the origins of your favorite baby names on our SheKnows Baby Names Central >>

Names inspired by wickedly cool characters

Be inspired by some of your favorite movies or book characters when searching for a cool baby name. Although the names from Twilight are overused (Jacob, Bella), there are plenty of other unique names that just might end up at the top of your baby name list.

Baby names from the Goosebumps series

The children’s Goosebumps books are full of kid-friendly scary fun written by R.L. Stine. Check out the following cool names from the Goosebumps series:

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