Mom and Dad need a break — on a budget

We love spending family time with our kiddos. But Mom and Dad need some adult time too.

Without making an elaborate event out of date night, we’ve devised fun ways to get out with your honey on the cheap.

Sweat it out

Instead of sitting on your bums (literally) during a an action movie, opt for an action-packed date night of your own by challenging each other to complete that boot-camp class together at your gym, hiking a local trail or racing one another around the neighborhood. Nothing gets your blood pumping like a good sweat session.

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Plan a picnic

Autumn’s cooler temps make for perfectly romantic picnicking, if you play your cards right! Bag standard picnic fare, and pack a sexy supper instead. Think aphrodisiacs like oysters, avocado and asparagus, chocolate dipped strawberries and bananas, and — of course — the red wine. Spread out a blanket, cuddle up and watch the moon rise as you snack on sexy eats.

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Scour online savings sites

Sign up for Groupon and local money-saving sites that offer up deals on everything from dinners to spa services at a fraction of the price. Keep an eye out for a deal at your favorite restaurant or on something new and exciting like rock climbing or a couple’s yoga class. Think outside the box when it comes to your special night out. Trying something new together is a great way to bond with your partner.

Hit up happy hour

Happy hour is more than just cocktail hour. Check out happy hour specials on appetizers and entrees at a new restaurant you’ve wanted to try. Early bird specials are often half off regular price or more… so go ahead and whet your appetite too!

Find some freebies

From a free concert in a local park to no-admission nights at museums on specific dates, there are freebies to be had! Search your city’s local events to discover some fun and free happenings right in your own backyard. Don’t let a tight budget stop you and your man from getting out on the town for a little bonding time sans the kids.

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Save on a sitter

If you’re strapped for cash to pay a babysitter a small fortune to spend a few hours out, hit up your friends and family for a favor. We’re guessing Grandma and Grandpa will be more than happy to spend some time your kids without expecting payment. Or ask your best mom friend if she wants to start a sitter swap in which you watch her kids one or two nights a month and she does the same for you, so you each can get some solo time with your partners without tapping out your savings account on a sitter.

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