Dog costumes to match the kids

Looking for fun Halloween costume ideas for the whole family? Don’t leave out the family dog.

Walk your dog in style this Halloween with a costume that matches what the kids are wearing.

While your kids are still small and willing to coordinate costumes, find a dog costume to match what the kids are wearing. Thanks to a huge variety of inexpensive dog costumes and accessories, it’s easy to find something to match or complement what the humans are wearing for Halloween festivities. If your dog isn’t keen on wearing a complicated costume, stick to a few key accessories to get the point across.

Faithful super sidekicks

Have kids dressing as superheroes? It’s a big year for costumes inspired by popular comics and movies. If you have a Batman in the family, find a Robin costume for your dog. Dress your dog as a super villain or dress your dog as a hero poised to battle your villainous children. Try getting truly nerdy with a canonically canine character like Superman’s buddy Krypto the Superdog. If you don’t want to go full-on costume, try a bandana fashioned to look like a cape. (Wonder Woman dog costume, $15 at Party City.)

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Loyal royal pets

Don’t forget princesses and their faithful pets. If you have a Rapunzel, dress up your dog in a lizard costume, or dress your dog as a tiger to accompany Princess Jasmine. Comb through your child’s favorite DVDs to find great pairs and involve your child in choosing or sewing the perfect pet costume. Boys can get in on the action too. Prince Eric had a fluffy dog, Aladdin had a monkey and Flynn Rider rode a big white horse that acted like a dog. (Monkey dog costume, $17 at Petco.)

Group gags

A dog can be the cornerstone to a great group costume. If your kids are game for it, try a Phineas and Ferb group, complete with a four-legged Perry the Platypus (and parents to boot). Put together a group of rockstars and dress your dog up as Elvis or a groupie to complete the picture. Give your pup sparkly wings or a tutu to match a group of ballerinas. Dress up your dog as a wild animal or dinosaur to go with a group of brave adventurers, or get abstract and dress your dog as a hot dog to match a young baseball team. (Dog harness dress, $14 at Amazon.)

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Doggie trick-or-treating tips

Not every pup is cut out for trick-or-treating. Consider dressing up your kids and pet for holiday photos and leaving the pooch at home when it’s time to go door to door. If you do trick-or-treat with your dog, consider these tips:

  • Designate one adult as the dog walker. Don’t walk all the way to neighbors’ doors with the dog.
  • Consider attending a specifically pet-friendly Halloween event.
  • Trick-or-treat during the daylight. This will help you avoid startling or scaring kids.
  • Keep your dog leashed and on a tight lead. Only bring a dog who responds well to commands.
  • Never let your dog approach or jump on small children. If your dog doesn’t respond well to kids, skip trick-or-treating entirely.

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